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Vibroacoustic protection system

The Vibroacoustic Protection System, is designed to prevent surveillance activities from outside the protected rooms.

This system prevents use for surveillance: acoustic contact microphones, laser microphones, stethoscopes, etc.

The Vibroacoustic Protection System is made in the form of a 12V DC low-voltage line, integrating: PIEZO vibroacoustic transducer, with a central unit of a cooperating vibroacoustic generator. 

Vibroacoustic transducers mounted they are directly to walls, floor ceilings, window panes, doors, elements of heating, ventilation and air conditioning networks with an arrangement suitable for homogenous vibroacoustic barrier with a level of vibroacoustic damping not less than 60dB.

One PIEZO transducer protects the wall surface not larger than 1 m2.

Ventilation installation elements are secured using the right amount, acoustic speakers installed inside them.

After installation using the meter AS PRO AUDIO the signal level of vibroacoustic transducers is set separately for each channel outputted from the vibroacoustic generator.

Activation of the vibroacoustic protection system - from the level of a dedicated remote control or alarm central.