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Protektor AG

The Protektor AG is a device for effectively securing premises (conference rooms, offices, meeting rooms, etc.) against the possibility of listening to confidential business, business or private conversations. The Protektor AG is emitting an inaudible acoustic signal, in a narrow band of audible and ultrasonic sounds. The components of the emitted signal are mixed randomly, using a specially developed algorithm. This signal acts physically on the microphones of the audio devices, causing them to resonate, thus making it impossible to read or write any type of acoustic signal that is read. In particular, the Protektor AG protects the operation of analog and digital recorders, recorders built into cellular phones,
The interfering signal is omnidirectional (360 °) with a guaranteed jamming radius of up to 2m from the device. 


  • Frequency range: 25,5-26,5kHz
  • Sound pressure: 117dB
  • Inaudible randomly mutable white noise range: 360°
  • Guaranteed jamming range: radius of up to 2m from the device
  • Power: 12V/230V AC
  • Continuous operating time: 2 h – battery; 5 h - 230V AC