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Security of special protection zones

We execute security systems for special protection zones from a design to turnkey projects, in accordance with applicable regulations and requirements of the Internal Security Agency.
The operation of the special protection zone security system is based on functional integration of the following forms of securities:

  • Sound insulation of rooms
  • Electromagnetic insulation of rooms
  • Vibroacoustic security system
  • Bug monitor
  • Control and deposit zone

Acoustic insulation

Acoustic insulation is made of acoustic panels or other sound insulation materials selected in accordance with the sound test results and properties of existing dividing structures. 

The surfaces of walls, ceiling and floor are covered, in layers, with sound insulating materials.

The number of sound panel layers is calculated separately for each secured dividing structure, based on results of previously performed sound attenuation tests.

The entrance to a sound secure room is made in a form of an acoustic sluice, in which the first and the second doors are sound-proof doors with sound attenuation of more than 42dB.

Electromagnetic shielding 

Electromagnetic shielding of rooms is made of various types of conductive shielding nonwoven fabrics with the attenuation of 40-105dB, within the frequency range of 10MHz – 3 ÷ 10GHz.

The nonwoven fabric is adhered directly to the surface of walls, ceiling and floor of the secured room.

Shielded window openings constitute a transparent internal electromagnetic shield with attenuation up to 60dB, within the frequency range of 10MHz – 10GHz.

Shielded electromagnetic doors are made of steel and they are equipped with an internal shielding ferromagnetic panel and berrylium seals. Door attenuation - optionally from 60 - to 120dB, within the frequency range of 10MHz- 10GHz.

The room electromagnetic shield constitutes a Faraday cage with resultant attenuation of 40dB – 80dB, within the frequency range of 10MHz –3÷10GHz.

All elements of electromagnetic shielding are earthed with a dedicated earthing system.

Vibroacoustic security system

The Vibroacoustic security system is made based on an appropriate number of vibroacoustic generators, supporting a dedicated low-current piezo transducer network. The Vibroacoustic signal is generated directly into the room infrastructure elements. The vibroacoustic signal level prevents external technical surveillance made with the use of contact microphones, laser microphones etc. PIEZO emitters are installed directly at walls, ceiling, floor as well as window and door panes, from the indoor side of the room and connected with the low-current network to the supporting SNG HP generator.

Activation from the level of a dedicated remote control or an alarm control unit keyboard.

Bug monitor

A bug monitor QM-5000 is an advanced network system intended for comprehensive protection of facilities against the operation of bugging devices, in particular analogue and digital radio transmitters and mobile telecommunications digital devices. 

The bug monitor enables comprehensive bug protection of a facility (facilities), performed via the Ethernet line supported by the QME-1 interface, PC with the QMaster programme application installed and up to 128 detection digital scanners of the radio band MRA-5Q, connected to the line.

The QM-5000 system automatically analyses the data received from MRA-5Q detection devices and it enables its management. 

Control and deposit zone

The system's task is to exercise full control over persons coming in and objects brought in, in order to detect and deposit electronic equipment which may constitute surveillance hazard.

The elements of the access control, supervision and deposit systems include: 

  • electronic device detector FG-1,
  • Rapiscan XR618 x-ray scanner,  
  • deposit for mobile phones, laptops and other electronic equipment constituting surveillance hazard