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Counter surveillance systems for public entities, business entities and natural persons

Economic espionage is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon. Contrary to appearances, this relates not only to gigantic, international concerns. Many Polish companies are more and more successful at the international arena, simultaneously becoming an object of interest for unfair competition. Devices intended for surveillance are getting cheaper, smaller and easily accessible. Many of them do not lag behind technical resources of national intelligence agencies. It is extremely significant to raise awareness among entrepreneurs as regards the protection of classified information and counteracting surveillance. Unfortunately, many companies do not go for the implementation of solutions protecting them against surveillance.  Only after the loss of information do they decide to use the bugging device detection  service or the implementation of technical protection systems. Confidential business talks should be held in safe rooms. What does room protection consist in?

The protection system prepared by our company protects rooms against the risk of eavesdropping of discussions held therein. It protects against technical surveillance carried out both outside and inside the room. It protects against the operation of monitoring devices such as:

  • miniature digital and analogue microphone and transmission devices
  • wired and wireless microphones
  • voice recorders
  • acoustic stethoscopes
  • electronic stethoscopes
  • mobile digital telephony means
  • other digital telecommunications means
  • radio communications means
  • laser and infra-red microphones
  • electrical line bugging

The system operation is based on functional integration of the following protection systems:

  • vibroacousitc protection system
  • bugging device operation interference system
  • Electrical line filtration within the area of the protected room.

The system operation is not visible and audible to persons staying in the protected room. 

The vibroacousitc protection system 

Prevents the performance of surveillance actions from outside of the protected rooms, carried out with the use of contact microphones, laser microphones, stethoscopes etc.

The vibroacoustic protection is made on the basis of serial, low-current electrical network, interfering with Piezo or TRN200 vibroacoustic transducer circuits (separate circuits assigned to a dedicated protected room) with a central unit of supporting SNG HP or ANG2200 vibroacoustic generator.

Transducers are mounted directly to walls, floor, window panes, doors, heating network elements, ventilation and air-conditioning system elements. Their arrangement is determined for each room individually, in order to obtain uniform vibroacoustic barrier with dampening level not lower than 60dB.  One Piezo transducer may protect the area not bigger than  1m2 and the TRN-200 transducer protects the area up to 12m2. In order to protect the ventilation ducts, we use an appropriate quantity of Velleman 616002 acoustic speakers. The signal level generated by vibroacoustic transducers, separately for each duct outgoing from the vibroacoustic generator is set with the use of the AS PRO AUDIO gauge. The system start-up takes place from the level of a dedicated radio remote control.

Bugging device operation interference system

Is based on the operation of a relevant number, depending on the room size, of the Protektor AG devices. Protektor AG is intended for interfering with audio recording devices, analogue and digital ones, dictaphones in mobile phones, miniature microphone and transmission devices (analogue and digital), means of telecommunications etc. Protektor AG is installed in the room protected, in the central place of the tabletop of the table at which discussions are to be held.

Electrical line filtration

The electrical line located within the room protected is separated with the use of RFI signal filters, selected separately for each electrical line.