About the company

The main area of activity of Agtes Serwis Sp. z o. o. from Warsaw is the design and implementation of object-oriented technical anti-surveillance systems, in applications for the protection of classified information related to state, company and private secrets.


Professionalism and experience

Protecting classified information is a complex process that requires a professional technological background, many years of experience and knowledge of the legal provisions. We live in a time of extremely rapid development of electronic and ICT technologies. The sophistication and miniaturisation of data, video and audio transmission devices is advancing every day, at a rate that requires tracking and assessing its negative impact on the security of classified information. This progress has had an extremely significant impact on the development of informal information extraction techniques using technical surveillance means, commonly referred to as eavesdropping.



Companies, institutions and individuals are placing increasing emphasis on sealing their structures against the loss of information, which has a significant impact on their development, the implementation of new business projects, the protection of inventions, the optimisation of technological processes or the appropriate increase in their level of security. We offer and implement the most modern and advanced technical solutions for effective and 100% protection of sensitive and classified information.


Business security

Safeguards against technical surveillance, including its most common form – eavesdropping – are increasingly used in offices, conference rooms and wherever key business moves are made. The growing need to protect classified information has led to an increased demand to counter foul moves by competitors or foreign services. The concept of counter-surveillance has emerged, benefiting businesses, officials, local government officials and celebrities on the front pages, among others. We invite you to contact us if you have a strange feeling that key information is starting to get out, someone is starting to “snoop”, colleagues are behaving unusually or communication devices are working differently than before.


We offer our clients services in:

Checking the premises

in terms of detecting and locating all types of surveillance devices - eavesdropping.

Design and execution

safe conversation rooms, with technology for the complete elimination of acoustic and electromagnetic revealing emissions.

Delivery of equipment

and materials intended to protect the classified information handled.


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