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Agtes serwis - information protection

The main field of business of Agtes Serwis with its registered office in Warsaw is design and implementation of object-oriented technological counter-surveillance systems, in applications for protection of classified information regarding state, company, and private secrets. Protection of classified information is a complex process that requires professional technological facilities, long-term experience, and knowledge in legal provisions. We live in times of rapid development of the telecommunication technology. Every day, the complexity and miniaturization of devices used for transmission of data, images, and sound becomes even more advanced. Thus, it is very important to continuously expand your knowledge within the scope of protection against technological surveillance.

Proper information can have influence on success or bring failure to activities conducted by various companies and institutions. Rapidly-growing enterprises put more and more effort in sealing their structures in order to limit unauthorized access to vulnerable information, e.g. on next acquisitions, expansion of infrastructure, or extension of activities. Protection against technological surveillance, including its most common form - listening devices, are more and more often used in private offices, conference halls, and all other places in which key business movements are discussed. The growing need for protection of classified information have resulted in an increased demand for countering unfair actions made by competitors or foreign services. The term of counter-surveillance has appeared, and it has been used by, i.a. entrepreneurs, officials, members of local governments, and celebrities.

If you have the impression that, somehow, key information is disclosed without permission, someone has started to "sniff around", co-workers' behavior has become unusual, or communication devices have started to work differently, contact us. We provide services within the whole territory of Poland and abroad, within a period and scope that suits you.

Feel free to read the detailed offer of Agtes Serwis. In case of any questions, please contact us. We ensure absolute confidentiality.