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Counter-surveillance systems

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Counter-surveillance of rooms

Our specialty is the design and implementation of comprehensive technical and organizational solutions necessary to ensure acoustic and electromagnetic safety, in the field of counteracting electronic surveillance, which should be implemented for rooms intended for conversations constituting a state, business or private secret. Our activities and our projects result directly from the provisions and laws concerning, legal requirements and recommendations of state security services, the degree of surveillance threat, as well as the expectations of our clients. We offer and implement the latest and most effective technologies for securing verbalized protected information. We implement the counter surveillance system for securing the room through the implementation and execution of the following security elements:

  • Vibroacoustic screening system
    • Sound pressure shielding system
    • Electromagnetic field shielding system
    • Separation of electrical and signal lines
    • Grounding system
    • Autonomous security alarm and access control systems.
    • Control and deposit area
    • Execution of executive documentation and powykonawczej.
      Wykonane formy zabezpieczeń, umożliwiją, zabezpieczenie werbalizowanych informacji niejawnych, przetwarzanych w zabezpieczonym pomieszczeniu, przed nieformalną inwigilacją techniczną prowadzoną za pomocą urządzeń podsłuchowych typu:
    • Miniature digital microphone-transmitting devices
    • Miniature analog microphone and transmitting devices
    • Wired and wireless microphones
    • Audio Recorders
    • Stethoscopes, contact microphones
    • Mobile digital telephony tools
    • Other means of telecommunications digital
    • Radio communication facilities
    • Microphones, laser and IR
    • Optical microphones
    • Means of active listening on electric power lines

Counter-surveillance of rooms