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Counter-surveillance systems

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Wiretaps detection

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Anti-surveillance research, in order to detect, locate and identify informal technical devices for obtaining information, is carried out by our specialists who have many years of professional experience in this field and use fully professional, specially dedicated, state-of-the-art equipment. We check: offices, offices, conference rooms, restaurants, hotel rooms, houses, flats, motor vehicles, yachts, mobile phones, computers, etc.

Services that we provide at home and abroad.

Anti-surveillance tests of rooms - consist of a comprehensive inspection of the room, including: its walls, ceiling, floor, windows, doors and all its elements of equipment, in the following scope:

  • Spectrum analysis in electromagnetic compatibility transmission mode in the frequency range 10 kHz-12GHz,
  • Analysis of mobile communication band signals,
  • Analysis of existing Wi-Fi networks, wireless phone number, bluetooth,
  • Detection and location of active and passive anti-eavesdropping devices,
  • IR transmission analysis,
  • Detection of laser power outliers,
  • Detect and localize audio recorders -,
  • Analysis of the 230V AC transmission network,
  • Study of transmission in a fixed telephone network,
  • Data network research,
  • Detection and location of optical systems – cameras, cameras
  • Investigation of the sound insulation permeability of building partitions (walls, floors,
    windows, doors),
  • Check the walls and ceilings of the premises for detection and localization.
    inigilacyjjnnych devices and power cables,
  • Inspection of premises for the presence of foreign devices using the following methods:
    inspection, physical, optical and thermo-visual.

Wiretaps detection