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Counter-surveillance systems

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About the company

The main activity of Agtes Serwis Sp. z o. o. Warsaw is the design and implementation of objects of technical systems for countering surveillance, in applications, protecting classified information related to state secrets, corporate and private.

Ochrona informacji niejawnych to złożony proces wymagający profesjonalnego zaplecza technologicznego, wieloletniego doświadczenia oraz znajomości zapisów prawnych. Żyjemy w czasach niezwykle szybkiego rozwoju technologii elektronicznych oraz teleinformatycznych. Zaawansowanie oraz miniaturyzacja urządzeń służących do transmisji danych, obrazu i dźwięku, postępuje każdego dnia, w tempie wymagającym śledzenia i oceny jego negatywnego wpływu na security of classified information. This progress has a very significant impact on the development of methods of informal information collection using technical means inwigilacyjnych, colloquially called podsłuchami.

Modern enterprises, institutions and individuals place greater emphasis on how to seal their structures from information loss, which has a significant impact on their development, implementation of new business projects, protection of inventions, optimization of technological processes, as well as a corresponding increase in your level of security, in the field of legal requirements for the protection of classified information.

Security before monitoring support, including the most frequently used form of support – eavesdroppingThey are increasingly used in offices, conference rooms, and wherever key business movements are discussed. The growing need to protect classified information It has led to a demand for counteraction to impure posunięciom by competitors or foreign intelligence agencies. There is a new concept kontrinwigilacjiwhich is used, in particular, by entrepreneurs, officials, representatives of local governments and stars from the front pages of newspapers. Welcome to contact us if you have the impression that key information is coming out in a strange way, someone is starting to "prowl", employees are behaving atypically, or communication devices are working differently than before.

We offer our clients services in the following areas::

  • inspections of premises check the availability and location of all types of inwigilacyjnych devices – the conversation will be recorded,
  • design and production secure conversation spacesin the technology of complete elimination of acoustic and electromagnetic emissions, revealing,
  • deliveries equipment and materialsdesigned to protect the processed classified information.

We perform our services all over the country and abroad, at a convenient time for you and in the region.

We invite you to get acquainted with our company offer Agtes Serwis Sp. z o. o.